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Foundation for Catholic Education

Foundation for Catholic Education

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Board of Directors

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Founded in 2010, the Foundation for Catholic Education is a not-for-profit organization supporting the Executive Board of Elementary Education and the County Advisory Councils throughout the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. The six county Advisory Councils, working with the Executive Board of Elementary Education and the OCE, are developing local strategies and fundraising efforts for the Catholic Elementary Schools within each county.


Our goal is to leverage the EITC and OSTC programs to maintain and increase the enrollment in our Catholic Elementary Schools by providing families access to an affordable parochial education. The advisory councils have demonstrated their commitment to the cause through the continued distribution of EITC and OSTC funding, successful county-wide Galas, supplying mini-grants to support special projects at schools in need, participating in the Sponsor-A-Student program as well as supporting school needs on an individual basis.



Gerald J. Parsons  President


Christopher Howe  Treasurer

Sr. Stephen Anne Roderiguez, IHM  Secretary

Kristin Braca Director

Michael Bradley Director

Jim Delaney Director

Bishop Michael Fitzgerald Director

Dan Fitzpatrick Director

Reverend Kevin Gallagher  Director

Ed McAssey Director

Anthony Naccarrato Director

James O'Hara  Director

Leo Parsons Director

Rick Stiebritz Director

Pat Ward Director

Foundation for Catholic Education


1373 Enterprise Drive

West Chester, PA 19380

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